Lewis Hamilton

How Mercedes nearly missed an open goal in Spain

Who would’ve thought it? On a circuit where overtakes usually come at a premium and Mercedes have dominated of late, we were instead treated to a blockbuster afternoon in Barcelona, headlined by a tense duel between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

Modern classic would admittedly, be a slight overstatement, but the Spanish Grand Prix certainly delivered.

Lewis Hamilton Spain 17


First thoughts on Bottas’ dream move to Mercedes

Nine podiums, 411 points and a fastest lap so far, but Valtteri Bottas’ stats could be about to head stratospheric, as the Finn joins the team has provided the benchmark to their competition over the past three seasons.

Bottas has big shoes to fill, entering the team as Nico Rosberg’s replacement and taking the hotseatĀ alongside Lewis Hamilton. Arguably, the hardest driver to partner on the grid, given his relentless speed and seismic personality.

2017 will be a season that either makes or breaks Valtteri Bottas’ F1 career.


Image Credit: Mercedes AMG F1


F1 is INCREDIBLE! Just ask Ellen

Lewis Hamilton is often put up on a pedestal as being F1’s box office asset. To testify, it’s hard to think of another driver with enough pulling power to nab a seat on The Ellen De Generes Show – one of the juggernaut’s of US chat-show television.

Hamilton joined Tyler Perry and Maren Morris on the bill – yeah, I had no idea either – and had just ten minutes of screen time where Ellen’s mission statement seemed to be to simply promote the US Grand Prix.