Claire Williams

Five reasons to love the FW40 render

Williams upheld their recent tradition on Friday, beating their opposition to the pre-season headlines by releasing some teasing renders of their new challenger. The digital version of the FW40 is the first glimpse we have had into the future of the sport, with the new technical regulations sparking significant aesthetic and performance changes.

However, a brief glance at social media since would highlight that some are underwhelmed by the first look at F1’s future.

Fear not, ladies and gentlemen. Here are five reasons to love the FW40 render…



Williams was great at Autosport, but one thing was missing…

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will know that I made the trek to Birmingham on Sunday to visit the NEC. I say trek, it’s more of a pilgrimage for motorsport fans, as the worlds of F1, BTCC and almost every other form of motorsport you can conjure up, collide for Autosport International.

It was my first visit to the event and being an F1 fanatic, the F1 presentations were of keen interest. Williams are celebrating their 40th Anniversary in 2017 and, as such, were an integral part of the overall show.

Seeing the FW38, listening to Claire Williams and watching Rob Smedley eat lunch was fantastic, but I can’t help but feel that something was missing.