How Mercedes nearly missed an open goal in Spain

Who would’ve thought it? On a circuit where overtakes usually come at a premium and Mercedes have dominated of late, we were instead treated to a blockbuster afternoon in Barcelona, headlined by a tense duel between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

Modern classic would admittedly, be a slight overstatement, but the Spanish Grand Prix certainly delivered.

Lewis Hamilton Spain 17


Stewarding inconsistencies that blotted the Mexico Grand Prix

One of the frustrating elements of an otherwise excellent 2016 season has been regulatory inconsistencies. The rulebook has been evolving over the year, with modifications coming on a near-weekly basis.

Unprecedented levels of tinkering have given way to stewards decisions that more often than not set the precedents as opposed to following them. They have been redefining the goalposts week in, week out.

The Mexico Grand Prix featured inconsistencies within the same race and I can fully understand Max Verstappen’s frustration at being stripped of third place when all things are considered.



Charting the Progress of a Legend

McLaren and Honda need no introduction. Perfect partners since the first lap in 1988, the association produced one of the greatest machines the sport has ever seen in the MP4/4. Brought to life by Steve Nichols and Gordon Murray, the car took all but one race victory in the hands of Alain Prost and eventual champion Ayrton Senna. The first McLaren Honda certainly set the bar high. However, with one of the most technically advanced powerunits ever constructed providing the MP4-30’s roar, the partnership has reconvened and so far missed the sparkle in performance to match that of the paintwork.

But of course, everything is relative…



2015 Australian Grand Prix: Friday Analysis

Albert Park may be a serene tourist location for the majority of the year but today, the picturesque venue was alive with the sound of V6 Hybrids, as F1 cars took the track for the first time this season. Ultimately, FP1 was a slow-burner, (and I doubt that is simply the fatigue talking,) however, FP2 provided fans with additional insight into what the pecking order could look like. With Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton topping both timesheet’s by a sizeable margin, it does not take an Adrian Newey level of intellect to work out that Mercedes are the team to beat in 2015.

But we knew that already