2017 Regulations

Mosley addresses elephant in the room regarding 2017 regulations

Faster cars, bigger tyres and drivers that are free from the shackles of the stewards handbook. 2017 should be great, right?

Plenty of concepts have been thrown into the 2017 regulation melting pot, as the teams have allied with the sport’s governing body in an attempt to improve The Show.

However, Max Mosley has become the latest in what is a growing list of skeptics regarding the new rule-book, with the former FIA President suggesting that the changes could be counter-intuitive.



New regulations set to be of benefit to Magnussen

Kevin Magnussen is about to embark on a critical year in the context of his career. Few drivers scoop up a second chance in F1. Some analysts would be inclined to say that Magnussen is in fact on his third opportunity already.

After an uninspiring season driving an admittedly challenging Renault, Magnussen has moved in at Haas. In order to beat new teammate Romain Grosjean, the Dane will need to hit top form and he believes the 2017 regulations will aid him in reaching his potential.