10 of the best F1 related tweets

Twitter has emerged as one of the world’s busiest social media platforms and today, it celebrates it’s tenth birthday. F1 drivers, journalists and fans alike often take to the site to share their views of the sport, often with hilarious results. Here are 10 of the very best F1 related tweets.


1. The Honey Badger

Daniel Ricciardo clearly didn’t get the memo. The Honey Badger looks set to continue smiling throughout 2016, as a fourth place in Melbourne demonstrated the excellent potential ready to be unlocked in the RB12.

2. #F1isback

Marshals – heros whose work is integral to the sport we love. Fortunately, their work in keeping the race moving is far superior compared with their dance moves.

3. The magic of Monaco

The famous Monte-Carlo street circuit and a candidate for commute of the season, without question.

4. Will Buxton must nail the GP Predictor

As the world was gripped by the fascinating title fight between Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso and Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel at the end of 2012, journalist and voice of the 2012 Season Review, Will Buxton clearly knew the drama that was about to unfold at the season finale in Brazil. What a script it was.

5. Bodywork in Cheese

I’m nothing short of astonished that #bodyworkincheese never caught on.

6. Kravitz nailing a perfect photobomb

One of the paddock’s most popular personalities, Ted Kravitz is evidently an excellent photobomber. While usually making attempts to avoid ghosting into the back of a shot, this was clearly an opportunity to perfect to let slip.

7. Uncanny

The ever-hilarious WTF1 know a good tweet when they see it. As for the photo, the caption says it all.

8. Maldonado well-equipped

Renault (nee Lotus) are one of F1’s most active teams on Twitter, with their social media department never failing to flex their comedic muscle – even if it is at their own drivers’ expense.

9. Back to the Future bandwaggon

One of Kamui Kobayashi’s most memorable moments in F1. Not the fastest way around Sainte Devote but certainly a spectacular approach.

10. Kevin Magnussen and #TeamBanana

Renault’s highly anticipated return to the sport saw them predictably use their corporate yellow to create one of 2016 brightest liveries. The car is aesthetically pleasing. The overalls would be an excellent costume for a fruit and veg themed fancy dress occasion.

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