Red Bull reveal revamped livery

Red Bull have become the second team to showcase the work of their graphic designers this winter, revealing the livery for the RB12 – their 2016 challenger – at an event in London this evening. With Infiniti having departed and taken their purple paint with them, this year’s Red Bull looks decidedly different compared with its predecessors.


Image Credit: Red Bull Racing


The RB12 marks the most significant livery change for the team since 2013. The Inifiniti branding on the sidepods of the previous three cars has been replaced by bold Red Bull logos and the engine cover now features TAG Heuer in a spot which Renault have long occupied.

The livery is about as radical as is possible when the design is Red Bull-centric. The drinks brand has to be predominant, meaning that colouring outside the lines is rather prohibited. The matte finish is an excellent way of emphasising what changes have been made, although whether it is dropped in aid of performance over aesthetics remains to be seen.

In general, the RB12 is short on sponsors. In regards to brand logos, the car is decidedly sparse compared with Red Bull’s of yesteryear. It reflects a growing theme and one which is clearly rising to the upper echelons of the grid.

Regardless, the new livery is unsurprisingly a hit with the drivers. “The new livery looks good, the car looks amazing,” Ricciardo enthused. “The kit is cool – we got the whole stampede camo look, which is pretty funky. Hopefully it means some good results for 2016.”

Red Bull’s new partnership with sportswear brand Puma was one of the event’s main attractions, with the company designing and providing this year’s teamwear. Puma add their Red Bull commitments to their supply of Mercedes and Ferrari kit, in what is a growing F1 portfolio.

Red Bull will hope the new driver overalls receive plenty of airtime atop the podium this season.


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