Will Renault Press Fast-Forward On Updates?

Lead time on engine development is always longer than chassis improvement but Red Bull’s 2015 campaign is somewhat dependent on a power-pack boost. Some promising dyno testing at Renault’s Viry-Chatillon headquarters has suggested that relief for the two Red Bull teams is incoming, but as Christian Horner has expressed, the team needed the upgrade “yesterday”. Will pressure from the partners see the supplier press fast-forward on the updates.


 “Patience is something that we are not really good at. We want to have performance as soon as possible,” Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner commented in an interview with the official F1 website.

The tensions between Red Bull and Renault have been well documented this season, with frustrations being amplified by a winter in which Ferrari in particular took a significant step forward, while Renault seemingly fell short of their aspirations. Relations have improved in recent weeks, perhaps partly facilitated by the positive noises coming courtesy of successful dyno testing.

Understandably, successful dyno testing is worth little to the two Red Bull teams until it translates into an upgrade package providing improved performance. Having not spent any engine tokens this season, Renault have room to provide the necessary updates, but in order to earn the maximum payback, these updates will need to come quickly.

Horner alluded to the complexity of the upgrade process when speaking to motorsport.com, “They now have some strategic decisions about implementation, and the direction they want to take their development for the rest of this season – and that has an enormous impact on next year.” 

With Renault talking about a possible departure from the sport should their poor form continue, the next few weeks are bound to be critical for the French supplier. This incoming upgrade package needs to provide them with a springboard to get back to the front of the field if their F1 endeavours are to be commercially viable for the remainder of this regulation’s term.

 Image Credit: "British GP 5 July 2015, Silverstone 018"
By Rob Dunckley (via Flickr) [CC-BY-NC-ND-2.0]

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