German GP Reportedly Off The Table

As fans of the sport, we always yearn for more action. It seems there are never quite enough races to fulfil out appetite and it seems that in 2015, we will have to deal with one less event, as the German Grand Prix is reportedly off the negotiating table, with it now being “too late for a deal.” Hockenheim are seemingly unable to pick up the event which the Nurburgring were forced to lose.


“We have no more hope that the Formula 1 takes place here. We have done everything in the last few years everything to make the fans happy,” Georg Seiler, boss of Hockenheim was quoted by Bild. In terms of reliability of sources, this is unfortunately, as reliable as it gets. The most solid proof yet that the German Grand Prix will not be a fixture in 2015.

It is hugely sad news. Germany may not have been inspired by recent events in the sport, as shown by the poor attendance in 2014, but in the past, the nation has been a massive market for F1. The era of Schumacher domination saw hundreds of thousands of fans through the turnstiles and with commentators enthusing about Sebastian Vettel’s fresh start at Ferrari, it would not be infeasible to suggest that the German fans are about to re-engage in the sport. This is, in my view, a very unfortunate time for financial woe to catch up with the German venues.

Lets hope the race will return for 2016 and beyond.

Image Credit: "2012 F1 German Grand Prix"
By andrius.v [BY-NC-SA]

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