Infiniti Purple For The RB11

It was one of the major talking points on the opening day of testing, as Red Bull revealed that the RB11 would run a camouflage livery in the first three tests, in order to hide the intricacies of their 2015 challenger. It was an ingenious ploy. However, the zebra paintwork is to be replaced by the usual Infiniti purple, as the true livery for the RB11 was revealed via the team’s social media account this morning.

RB11 Livery

Unsurprisingly, the livery for the RB11 follows the Red Bull blueprint. Red Bull branding meets Infiniti branding to create an explosion of purple, blue, red and yellow which certainly stands out. Personally, I have always loved the design and so I am far from disappointed to see it return.

I will, however, miss the “camo-bull” which has attracted, (or should that be detracted) attention during testing. Dividing the public like a certain toast-spread, the livery was ingenious and personified the paddock paranoia which is a feature of pre-season testing each and every year. Hopefully, we will see similar inventions in the future.

Image Credit: Infiniti Red Bull Racing

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