Toro Rosso Unveil STR10

With just hours to go until the first green light of 2015 illuminates the Jerez pit apron, Toro Rosso have become the latest team to show the world their 2015 challenger. The STR10 certainly rights the wrongs of last season’s car in terms of aesthetics and the team suggest that it will possess the speed to match, with a declaration that this is there “best car yet” featuring at the top of news segments. At first glance, there seems to be evidence to support this bold statement.

Unlike Ferrari, Toro Rosso are a team who like to keep things simple when naming their cars. As such, the STR10 is their tenth entry to roll out of their Faenza base – unimaginative, but it certainly makes life less complicated. In a similar vain, it has been argued that, in the past, Toro Rosso have opted for a more conservatively designed car. It seems as though the fail-safe option has prevailed over the ingenuity at times. However, the STR10 has a more aggressive feel – the side-pods reflect this, with a clear emphasis placed on aerodynamic performance on account of the tight packaging of the ‘coke bottle’. The air-intakes are visibly smaller than on the STR9, which suggests that cooling the Renault engine is an issue which takes less precedence in 2015. Ultimately, this Toro Rosso looks more akin to a Newey Red Bull of the past as oppose to a previous STR entry.

The ambitious design could well be symbolic of the influence of Technical Director James Key. After all, this is the first car in which he has overseen the entire development process and much like James Allison at Ferrari, Toro Rosso are hoping that their highly esteemed technical head has delivered an injection of pace.

Aesthetically, I would argue that this car is the best of the 2015 bunch – high praise, considering that eight of the nine cars have been revealed, be it ceremonially or pictorially. The beautiful shaping of the side-pods and roll hoop are complemented by a well-sculpted nose. It is a nose which follows the same design ideology as Ferrari and McLaren, (seemingly the most popular route), yet contrary to the Ferrari equivalent, which I described as “ungainly” in yesterday’s post, Toro Rosso have crafted it in such a way as to promote an aesthetically neutral look – a far-cry from the proboscis of the STR9. However, according to Key, this nose is set to under-go significant modifications over the course of the next 42 days and as such, could look very different come Melbourne.

If the STR10 is as fast as it looks, then the ambitious target of fifth in the constructors championship may become an achievable aim. This is the fastest looking Toro Rosso to date, yet the timesheets will determine whether this leads to lap time.

Image Credit: Scuderia Toro Rosso

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