Lotus E23 Unveiling

Strictly speaking, the E23 has not yet been unveiled, yet Lotus provided the fans with a collection of computer generated images of their 2015 challenger earlier this week. Such a launch may not have the grandeur of a sponsors equipped, cloth pulling, equivalent event, but it does allow the fans an opportunity to observe the cars earlier than they otherwise would. The Lotus E23 has certainly not caused the stir that its predecessor managed, as the most notable feature of the launch is the absence of the split nose. Quite frankly, I doubt anyone will miss it, not least Lotus fans.

Just like last year, noses are top of the agenda, as the new technical regulations dictate a universal switch to a 2014 Mercedes equivalent design – meaning that the anteater nose is a relic of the past. At first glance, it appears that Lotus have opted for the conventional approach to the regulations this season, and why wouldn’t they – taking a non-conformist approach last year proved to be the wrong decision.

Judging by the perception of fans, this season’s nose is far more popular than the twin-tusk brother. However, beauty is not a bi-product of speed and while Chester and his team of engineers may have succeeded in creating a car which will look good on our TV’s, it will need to look good on the telemetry screens at Enstone before any real conclusions can be made in regards to the E23.

With a redesigned nose and a Mercedes powertrain driving the team forward, will we see a black and gold machine in parc fermé for the first time since the US Grand Prix back in November 2013? The team’s army of fans will certainly hope so.

Image Credit: "Lotus F1 Team"

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