Setting The Agenda

A belated happy Christmas to all readers – I hope you have enjoyed the days of festive fun, and are looking forward to New Year’s Eve celebrations. Of course, this is a critical period for blogger’s as it is a time to reflect upon a year of content. 

In terms of Formula 1 in general, what a year it has been. Twelve months in which the on-track action has been spectacular, yet overshadowed by financial politics, as well as the agony of Japan. 2014 also marked my second full year of blogging and my personal perception of proceedings, along with the views of active readers, is that the quality of content has improved over the past year. 
However, there is still a lot of work to do. As has been the case with the Team Review’s series, many article styles have not galvanised the desired interest and are not as pleasing to write. Bland news articles which contain minimal opinion are one such area of ‘dis-interest’.
So, the agenda for 2015 is to largely continue publishing similar content to this year – yet with even more emphasis on opinion. News articles tend to be more vinegar than vintage and are not as entertaining to write nor read and as such, any breaking news stories will be covered on this site by heavily opinionated content, making KGibbsF1 as unique a read as possible. 
Of course, it is you the reader that is integral to site – without you, this page would not exist. As such, I would love to hear your opinions on the content of 2014 and any ideas for the future. 
Thanks for reading and happy holidays.

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