Double Points Close To Scrapheap

Good news everyone! One of the most unpopular regulations of recent times is set to be struck down by the very governing body who first implemented it. A predictable move, considering the fact that fans, teams and drivers almost unanimously voiced their objection to the rule which saw double points awarded in the final round, aimed at prolonging the title fight. Considered an unnecessary step by most and fortunately, the powers that be now seemingly agree.

Lewis Hamilton 2014 Singapore Race
By Morio (photo taken by Morio) CC-BY-SA-4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Well Done Team

Ultimately, double points has not been officially dropped just yet, but following today’s decision, it seems a formality. Both the F1 Strategy Group and F1 Commission have agreed to scrapping the controversial rule and this decision will need to be ratified by the FIA World Motorsport Council in Qatar on the 3rd December, yet it is anticipated that this should be easily completed – after the uproar surrounding the artificial regulation, it would be nonsensical for the WMSC to contravene the will of the teams. 
Fortunately, 2014 will not be remembered for the double points finale and this has been a lucky escape. Had the title been decided by such a technicality, it would make a mockery of the championship, and lead to the eventual title winner forever facing questions of whether his title was deserved. In other words, disastrous consequences. 
Aside from double points, team bosses have also voted against proposals to introduce standing restarts for 2015. This is another excellent ruling, preventing another artificial factor affecting the campaign. Much has been made of the dangers of having multiple standing starts during a race, yet such a regulation would also be totally impractical. For instance, if the circuit is damp, with a dry line beginning to form, those on one side of the grid would gain a significant advantage over those on the opposite, wet side. Alternatively, those running a prime stint would face a grip deficit, as would those on older tyres. Double points was unfair and standing restarts would follow in a similar vain. 
Lets hope that this news will prevent more artificial, controversial schemes being crafted in the future.  

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