Turn Two Tuesday: 21st October

Another week, another installment of Turn Two Tuesday – the series where I analyse the crumbs of the news from the past seven days. Interesting snippets of information and opinion which are not quite seismic enough by themselves, but combined, form what I like to think is an informative bundle. This week, I take a look at whether the Sochi circuit needs improvement and the potential for Formula 1 to head to the entertainment capital of the world, plus a look ahead to next week and a potential announcement from Sergio Perez.

No Alterations Necessary

Even the most avid Formula 1 fan will struggle to argue that the Russian Grand Prix was anything other than a procession, (and believe me, I have tried.) Regardless of whether you think that processional races are needed once in a while to prevent the classic outings being devalued, the inaugural Russian Grand Prix was certainly not a classic. Naturally, many commentators have suggested that the uninspiring afternoon was a product of poor track design, but architect Hermann Tilke has argued otherwise. Tilke has suggested that the circuit does not require a redesign and is “fine.”
In fairness, designing a circuit in Sochi was never going to be a simple task. While I am by no-means a track design aficionado, I assume that weaving a circuit in-between buildings is no mean feat. However, in terms of the driver response to the layout, Tilke seems to have been successful, with Lewis Hamilton going as far to say that the circuit is “cool.” While the racing last Sunday may have been as bland as week old bread for the most part, drivers seem happy to return to the circuit in the future.
Tilke has done a great job in Sochi. The route is exciting and challenging, with Turns 3, 11 and 13 all fitting this description. Wheel to wheel action may have been at a premium on its test drive, but I am certain that the track has the potential to serve up some thrilling racing in the future. 
Lets not make a knee-jerk reaction here people…

Heading To Vegas?

While New Jersey has been in line to entertain Formula 1 as the second US Grand Prix, it seems that Las Vegas has entered the fray as a potential counterpart to the sport’s annual visit to COTA. It would not be the first time that Ecclestone has brought the sport to Nevada, with the Caesars Palace Grand Prix having been a calender fixture back in 1981 and 1982.
According to Bernie, Vegas are ready to host a street race which would be based around The Strip at the heart of the city. This is largely unsurprising as it is to be assumed that the funding for such an event would be available, yet logistics issues are an ever present when it comes to street racing. After the numerous complications surrounding the New Jersey event, lets not get our hopes up too soon.

“I Want To Close Out My Situation”

In a piece of news which is hot of the press today, Sergio Perez is hoping to announce his plans for the future very soon. It was indeed somewhat surprising that the Mexican was not confirmed as a Force India driver for 2015 along with his teammate Nico Hulkenberg’s announcement yesterday. Williams used the tactic of announcing their 2015 drivers at the same time earlier in the year. However, Perez may either be in the process of dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, but in this strange world of Formula 1, anything is possible.
“The only opportunity I had to establish myself in a team was with Sauber in 2012, and I want to do the same here,” Perez stated. Certainly, it seems as though both Perez and Hulkenberg have enjoyed their time at the Silverstone based squad and unquestionably, their immense performances this season will have confirmed this. I would imagine that the team will be ecstatic if they are too retain both drivers for another term, because in terms of delivery of results, the duo are perhaps the best line-up of the midfield teams and one of the best in the sport.


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