Kimi Thinking Beyond 2015

While much has been made of Fernando Alonso’s status as a Ferrari driver, Kimi Raikkonen’s personal business plan has somewhat slipped under the radar. The enigmatic Finn is contracted with the team up until the end of 2015 and despite suffering a lackluster 2014 campaign, the team have confirmed that he will remain at Maranello at least until the end of his current contract. Although Kimi hinted at the British Grand Prix that his 2015 campaign could be his last prior to retirement, he has alluded to a change in attitude since. Could we see Kimi Raikkonen in the sport in 2016?

Ferrari, Pit, Kimi, FP1” by emperornie

He Knows What He’s Doing…

Quite frankly, Kimi has given nothing more than a clue towards a potential drive past 2015. It was back in July that the Iceman suggested that he would consider retirement at the end of his current Ferrari contract, which has since been downplayed by both Ferrari and Raikkonen himself.
“I have a contract for next year and probably for one more year,” he told CNN. “But I’m not a young guy anymore.” After turning 35 last Friday, it is understandable that Kimi would be considering a future beyond Formula 1, but as he highlights, it is perhaps not the time to place a definitive timeline on his career. After the trials and tribulations faced so far in what has been a difficult second term at the Scuderia, it would be understandable if the Iceman did begin to question the longevity of his return, particularly when he has already established that he wants time to enjoy further experiences of NASCAR and rallying following his second Formula 1 departure.
The fact that this statement has been given by Kimi should please both Ferrari and Raikkonen fans, as I perceive it as a declaration of intent. It has been well documented that many of his struggles this season have been a direct result of being supplied with a car which downplays his strengths as a driver, which centered around traits that could not be re-engineered. As a result, 2014 should be a better barometer of Raikkonen’s talents and we could see similar form to that of the hugely successful Lotus days of yesteryear. From his recent interview, it seems that a Raikkonen resurgence is on the cards in 2015 and if so, could propel him to another year in the sport.  

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