Turn Two Tuesday: 30th September

Anyone who follows me on Twitter and was online at around 5pm yesterday evening, will have known that the first post of a new weekly series was to be uploaded this evening and as such, here it is. Essentially, each and every Tuesday evening, I will post an article filled with the crumbs of the week’s news – those stories not quite earth-shattering enough to warrant their own article, but those that I still wish to voice my opinions on and present to you, the reader. The name, “Turn Two Tuesday” was a product of Scott Burge’s (@PrototypBudgiE) creativity. The significance is that the stories within are not quite as exciting as Turn One, but still well worth a read. If this weeks Turn Two is anything as hectic as it was at Suzuka for the Japanese Grand Prix last season, then it will certainly start the series with a bang. I’ll let you decide for yourselves…

The Accidental Contamination

While the word contamination is perhaps something more commonly associated with the medical industry, it has certainly rocked the motorsport world in recent days, with Mercedes announcing the cause of Nico Rosberg’s costly retirement from the Singapore Grand Prix. An issue was detected en route to the grid and it later emerged that a wiring loom in the steering column had malfunctioned, meaning that Rosberg’s only available functions on the steering wheel were the gear shift paddles. Without a clutch, pit limiter or access to engine mapping, Rosberg was certainly driving “alone and unaided”. Ultimately, the team found that a “foreign substance” had contaminated the steering column during the usual pre-race procedures. To their credit, before the town crier could shout “CONSPIRACY”, Mercedes quelled any potential rumors on Twitter, stating, “To clarify, the contaminant was a substance used in normal pre-event servicing of the component. #NotAConspiracy :)”
Unquestionably, this contamination was hugely costly yet from a competition standpoint, it has somewhat leveled the playing field. If we discount Hamilton’s retirement in Canada, which could have been avoided, had he taken Rosberg’s approach to the issue, the duo are now level on two race retirements each. Hopefully, the W05 now has a clean bill of health and will see out the remainder of it working life without any further issues.

New F1 2014 Trailer

As October approaches, F1 2014 draws ever closer and Codemasters have released a new trailer this afternoon, showcasing the latest in the series. The trailer demonstrates plenty of action and if the graphics, detail and fist-pumping is not enough to capture your attention, then I am sure that the head-banging music will sell some copies…

Peaceful Times At Red Bull

From one Aussie to another, the transition between Mark Webber’s departure from Red Bull and Daniel Ricciardo’s arrival has been surprisingly smooth. While Webber and Vettel had their differences – a lot of differences – Vettel and Ricciardo’s relationship has been surprisingly comfortable for Red Bull’s management. Christian Horner must be enjoying the internal peace at Milton Keynes in 2014, if not the team’s results this season compared with the last campaign.
“We are at a point where I have won three races, he hasn’t won any but Vettel still acts the same around me,” he told Australia’s Sunday Night. For a driver that apparently hates losing to his teammate and has an inferiority complex, Sebastian Vettel has done remarkably well to conceal his emotions this season – myth busting, some might say…

And there you have it – the first ever Turn Two Tuesday. Consider this a prototype – I would love to hear your opinions on the series and what I can do to improve it in the coming weeks. Perhaps using the #T2Tuesday to get the ball, (or in this case, tyre) rolling.

Don’t forget, the Japanese Grand Prix Weekend Preview will be posted tomorrow night.


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