Hamilton Contract Talks Postponed

Mercedes, Mercedes, Mercedes – The unbelievable events of the Belgian Grand Prix have meant that one team has dominated not just the Formula 1 headlines, but also the back pages. MK Dons’ remarkable win against a hapless Manchester United in mid-week may have been a slight distraction for fleet street’s sports departments, but the Formula 1 world is still very much focused on one issue. A week on from the Rosberg and Hamilton collision, and the plot continues to thicken, with the team announcing that contract talks with Lewis have been put on hold so that they can “stay concentrated on the season.” A very good idea if you ask me…

Lewis Hamilton 2014 China by emperornie
 Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

“We Trust Each Other”   

All things considered, the decision to delay contract talks makes sense for both parties. The team are suffering from a serious bought of mid-season turbulence and both titles are still up for grabs. The nightmare scenario would see Mercedes pipped to both titles by Red Bull, who seem to be getting stronger as the season progresses, as does Daniel Ricciardo. To lose either title despite their vastly superior car would be very damaging to all involved, hence adding yet another distraction by continuing contract negotiations at this time is perhaps un-wise, especially considering that Hamilton’s current contract runs until the end of 2015. Meanwhile, it would be understandable if Lewis’ camp wanted to keep their options open in the event that the hangover from the Belgium debacle proves to be too much to handle. 
While many people will scream that this is Hamilton’s declaration of wanting to leave Mercedes, it is far from that. Regardless of how uncomfortable the situation is at the team, it is highly likely that Lewis see out his current contract, as their is simply no better options available to him for next season. Moving to McLaren would be a huge gamble considering that the Honda powertrain is likely to suffer from teething problems in its first season and there are no guarantees that it can rival Mercedes-power. If 2016 arrives and Lewis is still unhappy at Mercedes then the now proven McLaren-Honda package becomes a more feasible proposition.
For now, Hamilton is a Mercedes driver and while he may be 29 points behind Rosberg, (who has already signed a multi-year deal with the team, by the way), the gap is far from insurmountable. It is rather refreshing that a team has pushed politics to one side in order to concentrate on racing, regardless of any hidden agendas.

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