Mid-Season Review: Kevin Magnussen

2014 has somewhat been a year for the youngsters. Daniel Ricciardo has been nothing short of a revelation, Valtteri Bottas has out-shinned Felipe Massa and Daniil Kvyat has already placed his name in the record books. While Kevin Magnussen’s progress has largely been restricted by another dire year for McLaren, the Dane’s campaign has had several highlights. He is certainly adding pressure to Jenson Button’s shoulders, yet needs to do more to crack his highly experienced teammate.

Season So Far…

Australian Grand Prix
Malaysian Grand Prix
Bahrain Grand Prix
Chinese Grand Prix
Spanish Grand Prix
Monaco Grand Prix
Canadian Grand Prix
Austrian Grand Prix
British Grand Prix
German Grand Prix
Hungarian Grand Prix

Second To None

When observing Magnussen’s list of results, one event evidently stands out. The Australian Grand Prix brought a remarkable result for both McLaren drivers, and one which is likely to remain their best result of the season – and by quite some margin. Second place in his debut outing saw Magnussen catch the attention of audiences around the world. Ok, so fortunes favoured Kevin, as both Hamilton and Vettel retired during the opening four laps and Daniel Ricciardo’s jubilation on the podium was short lived, but you don’t win the raffle without buying a ticket and Kevin certainly capitalised on the misfortune of his rivals.
Since Australia, Kevin has only managed 19 points, with his best finish being seventh place on two occasions. Unquestionably, Jenson Button has ‘enjoyed’ 2014 far more than Magnussen from a points perspective, yet this is to be expected. Button’s vast experience allows him to deal with the misfortune of having another poor car to cope with – It is unfortunately a reality which the Brit has faced in several seasons during his career, yet for Kevin, it is a new venture. A situation which is difficult to adapt to when you have been winning races in Formula Renault 3.5 and locking out a championship title just a few months ago.

As For The Rating…

Kevin Magnussen’s 2014 campaign so far warrants 7/10
Magnussen’s time at McLaren seems to be following in a very similar vain to that of Sergio Perez last season. Aside from the Dane’s heroics in Australia, he has been living in midfield obscurity, with Qualifying performances in Britain and Germany providing his only major success since his 18 point debut haul. However, the support from Ron Dennis will surely prove pivotal in securing Kevin a second season at McLaren, where he will hopefully have the machinery to demonstrate his talents. However, you cannot help but feel that Kevin needs Honda to deliver if he himself is to deliver headline-manufacturing results.   

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