Newey’s Potential New Project

Adrian Newey, the King of aerodynamics, could be about to try his hand in another form of racing – a very different form of racing. Sir Ben Ainslie, Britain’s four time Olympic gold medallist has invited Newey to design an America’s Cup boat which will prove strong enough to take the fight to the USA. The outgoing Chief Technical Officer of Red Bull Racing is looking for a challenge outside of Formula One and surly Ainslie is offering such an opportunity.

“He’s keen to help us, but he has a lot of other commitments with F1,” Ainslie told BBC’s Radio 5 Live. “We’ve just got to see how his timing works out in the coming months and years but he would be a huge asset.” Ultimately, Adrian Newey remains a key part of the Red Bull operation until the end of the season and the team’s 2015 challenger will inevitably be his priority in the near future. Knowing his professionalism, Adrian is unlikely to declare any new projects until after the RB11 has been completed and at the start of 2015, Newey apparently becomes nothing more than a consultant to Red Bull. He has been given a free reign to enjoy new projects and he has previously suggested that designing an Americas Cup boat is most definitely on the bucket list.

From the outside at least, it seems as though the scope of Newey’s talents will allow him to have a future career in anything which requires airflow and engineering. His departure from Formula One, (at least in a figurehead role) somewhat marks a turning point for the sport. With Brawn’s retirement followed so soon by Newey’s step into the background at Milton Keynes, the technical side of the sport is now being influenced by the new generation of engineers. Tim Goss, James Key and Paddy Lowe are the future of the sport and with legends such as the aforementioned Brawn and Newey exiting stage right, the entrances are just as poignant. It is already rumoured that Key could potentially replace Newey as Red Bull’s Technical leader – a sensible progression for the current Technical Director at Toro Rosso.
So, it seems Formula One can survive without Newey. If he does chose to take a role in developing the world’s greatest boats, then so be it – after all, we should really share his genius with the other sports now shouldn’t we!       

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