Vettel Not Afraid Of Ferrari

The talk of this winter has been the sure-to-be-explosive partnership between Ferrari’s returning champion Kimi Raikkonen and long term servant Fernando Alonso. The strength of the line-up has already led to many analysts suggesting Ferrari constructors title success in 2014, with many suggesting that the signing of Raikkonen is a last ditched attempt from the Scuderia to reclaim the title which they last won in 2007. The last roll of the dice before the chosen one, Sebastian Vettel, arrives at Maranello? Regardless, Sebastian Vettel is unfazed by the partnership or the possibility of driving alongside either of them in the future.

Sebastian Vettel is very much open to driving alongside either Ferrari driver in the future

With Vettel’s contract at Red Bull over at the end of 2015, it is expected that he will head for pastures new and sign with Ferrari. There is even talk of a verbal agreement that Vettel will go to the team. It seems the right path for his career, regardless of how strong Red Bull will perform across the next two seasons. Rightly or wrongly, in many eyes, the German will not be considered a legend of the sport until he wins a championship title with another team.
So, with both Raikkonen and Alonso in the team, it seems likely that Vettel would partner one of the two in 2015, (assuming that one will be prepared to extend their contract.) Even if it is for just one season, Sebastian would have to either come to terms with Alonso’s personality inferiority complex or Kmi Raikkonen’s non-negotiable attitude. However, Sebastian has suggested that neither of these drivers would be unworkable teammates.
In a recent interview, (displayed in full, on Motorsport-Total‘s site), the German stated, “Maybe one day I will drive in the same team with Kimi or Fernando; You always want to beat the best. I’m not afraid of it but so far it just hasn’t happened.”
Raikkonen and Alonso’s partnership could be explosive – it could tear Ferrari apart. However, the prospect of Vettel’s arrival in 2015 is especially interesting. If Fernando has a tough time against Raikkonen and fails to claim his maiden Ferrari title in the next two seasons, it is not beyond possibility that Ferrari’s Spanish son could be left out in the cold, leaving the Iceman and Vettel to guide the Scuderia to glory.
I wonder how Fernando’s ego would take that particular bombshell…    


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