A New Beginning

“Where have all the old posts gone” I hear you say. Well, today marks the first day of the new and improved KGibbsF1 blog, as I look to reinvigorate the site which has unfortunately gone stale in recent times. Despite changing designs and the style and format of articles, I was unable to find the right formula. Therefore, I have decided to take a radical approach and wipe the proverbial slate clean.
It is best described as a new beginning. With the 2014 season just around the corner, I want to right the wrongs of my previous 18 months of blogging. No longer will I make promises that I cannot keep, with posts being posted regularly and in line with schedules. The infamous double uploads and triple uploads will return and race weekend’s will follow the desired approach.
Please let me know if you have any ideas for this fresh start, either through Twitter or my contact page. As always, your support is greatly appreciated.
While the blog retains the same URL, it is very much a blank page. I am restarting my blogging adventure and this time I am going to do it right!


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