Perez Disinterested In Backmarker Drive

Following his late and frankly harsh dismissal by McLaren, Sergio Perez will be one of a number of talented drivers without a job come next Monday. It is a travesty, yet Sergio may struggle to find a seat in Formula One at all, considering the awkward timing of McLaren’s announcement. While a move to a midfield team could be a possibility, (with a return to Sauber being suggested), Sergio has stated that he would not be interested in joining one of the lower constructors for 2014.

Sergio’s dismissal from McLaren has left a bitter aftertaste. The team have suffered a terrible season by their high standards, yet it is too simple to blame the drivers. After providing the Mexican with inadequate equipment, McLaren surly owed Perez another chance to prove himself – especially considering that luck has rarely been on his side this season. Moreover, leaving the decision this late in the season is somewhat unreasonable as it gives Sergio limited time to find another drive. Martin Whitmarsh’s efforts to try and carve out a deal for Sergio to move elsewhere in Formula One appears to be McLaren acknowledging that the timing of their announcement was unfair and unreasonable. Meanwhile, it is unlikely that rival teams will be convinced by Whitmarsh’s pledge – ‘here is a driver who we have sacked, and we think he would be good at your team,’ is not the most mouthwatering proposition, especially when it is from your rivals.
“Yes, it’s true they (McLaren) are helping me, but it’s also true that right now it’s very hard to find a seat that motivates me to stay in Formula 1,” said Perez. “I don’t know about moving to Caterham or Marussia but I don’t want to consider it because I have a lot to offer and going to a team like that would basically make my career stall. I would have to find another option.” Sergio deserves to find a seat at least within the midfield. While many may consider his fastidiousness as irresponsible, Heikki Kovalainen decided to join Lotus, (now Caterham) in their debut season in 2010, after leaving McLaren. His career stalled and eventually, he lost his seat in Formula One. Sergio is in a similar position to what Heikki found himself in in 2009 and does not want to fall into the same trap. However, a seat is better than no seat.
It is likely that Perez will announce his plans for next season in the coming days.


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