Two Middle East Tests Confirmed

Following speculation at the weekend, the teams have today confirmed that two of the three pre-season tests will take place in the Middle East before the 2014 commences. The proposal was made as teams feared that the cool European temperatures would not provide sufficient stress levels for the new V6 turbo engines, as the teams look to evaluate the capabilities of the new powertrain.
“Middle East tests will get the weather we need to give the engines a good work-out,” Mercedes team boss Ross Brawn told Reuters. The temperatures in the Middle East will be a far-cry compared to those experienced during the two Barcelona tests this season, where ambient temperatures struggled to exceed ten degrees.
While testing in Europe holds better logistical value, with all teams based on the continent, the value of warm weather testing in 2014 seems to exceed these values. The first test in Jerez will still take place, as the fundamental goal for teams at this stage is to cure their new cars of the inevitable gremlins. Once these have been accounted for, the examination of packages can begin and it is sensible for these tests to take place in representative conditions, with such an extreme regulation overhaul. With the provisional calender suggesting that Bahrain will host the first race, this may well be the venue for the tests, as teams may be able to remain at the circuit to reduce transport costs. However, the venue decision has not yet been made, but supposedly the aforementioned three are the possibilities.


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