Kobayashi Suffers Demo Calamity

With F1 arriving in Sochi next season, the Moscow City Racing Show welcomed huge crowds over the weekend, as famous faces pounded around the streets. However, it all turned sour for one man, as Ex-Sauber driver Kamui Kobayashi suffered the embarrassment of crashing his Ferrari F60 during his very first promotional event with the team – Not a brilliant advert for a driver yearning for a second chance in F1.
The unfortunate accident came as significant rainfall provided a slippery surface for drivers to manage. Standing water was not the only issue though, as the lack of rubber on the streets created a greasy path which prompted Kamui’s misjudgment. He lost control, hitting the barriers on the right hand side of the course and badly damaging the car.
Fortunately, the show was not over for Ferrari who quickly prepared another car, meaning that Kamui was back on the streets within twenty minutes. However, a major accident such as this is certainly not how the Japanese star wanted to celebrate his first appearance for Ferrari.
The severity of the rainfall should not be overlooked in this circumstance, as Kamui acknowledged following the event. “The track was very slippery and there was a marked bump at that point, which is why I hit the barrier,” he told the official Ferrari website. “A shame, but I am pleased the team let me out again after a few minutes.”
He continued; “It was great to be able to represent Scuderia Ferrari at such an important event. For this I would once again like to thank the team and its sponsor Kaspersky Lab. It is important to be able to bring Formula 1 close to the public with promotional events like this: a shame about the rain as otherwise the crowd might have been even bigger.” For Kamui, he will just hope to erase the blunder from his mind and hope that F1 team principals do not observe the news feeds in the coming days.

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