Vettel Signs Contract Extension

Sebastian Vettel has enjoyed unprecedented success with Red Bull over the past three years and the partnership is now set to continue at least until 2015, as the German has signed a contract extension. The confirmation puts an end to speculation that Sebastian had unofficially agreed to move to Ferrari within the next two seasons.
Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel have been somewhat of a “dream team” in the past four years. The German has become the youngest triple world champion in the history of the sport and at the tender age of 25, his success tops even the likes of Micheal Schumacher when he was at the same stage of his career. Vettel has achieved 28 victories, 38 poles and 50 podiums with Red Bull since his arrival in 2009.
The genius of Adrian Newey has been essential to Sebastian’s success story. Newey has masterminded the operation at Red Bull, following accomplishments at McLaren and Williams in the past. Fernando Alonso famously emphasized Adrian’s importance within the team, stating, “we are not only fighting Sebastian but also Newey”.
However, many sections of the paddock criticize Vettel’s recent achievements, suggesting that to become a legend of the sport, the German needs to win championship’s with different teams. However, this suggestion is constantly challenged by Vettel who consistently outperforms teammate Mark Webber. Moreover, as he threatens to rewrite the history books, it is becoming increasingly difficult to exclude him from the exclusive group of legends of the sport.
The contract extension could be a sign of future success for Red Bull and Vettel. In 2015, the German will only be 28 years old – it is frightening to think how successful he could be. Especially considering that by the end of this current contract, he could already be a Six Time World Champion, with perhaps another 12 years of his career ahead of him!

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