New Construction Suffers More Delays

Pirelli’s 2013 season seems to be one miscalculation followed by another. The Italian tyre manufacturer announced that the new construction tyres would be available and used throughout the Canadian Grand Prix weekend onwards. After they realized that their ambitious estimate was not set to be matched, Pirelli stated that the tyre would be available in free practice sessions only. Now, Pirelli have said that they will not race their revised tyres at British Grand Prix after completing insufficient mileage in last weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix practice sessions.

The new construction was created to solve the delamination issues which had featured in the Bahrain and Spanish Grand Prix. Pirelli designed the new tyre to be introduced on safety grounds, in order to comply with regulations prohibiting any compound alterations in season.While Pirelli have been busy designing the new rubber, certain sections of the paddock have been campaigning against any changes to the current tyre selection. Lotus and Force India have deemed the proposals as unfair as they have been the two teams to engineer their cars to deal with the high degradation levels. Force India are now surly even less likely to comply considering that Paul Di Resta managed an awe-inspiring 54 laps on a set of medium compound tyres in Sunday’s race.
However, the decision regarding the introduction of the new construction will not have to be made as soon as was first believed. Pirelli have once again delayed the full unveiling of their new tyres after not completing the required amount of laps in FP1 and FP2 in Canada. The wet conditions meant that little testing mileage was completed by teams on the prototype tyres and as such, they are not ready for the Silverstone deadline.
Pirelli motorsport boss, Paul Hembery announced the news yesterday, stating; “We are not going to race with the new tyre as we did not get much of a chance to test it in Canada. We have some internal specification changes – process changes – that we think will go the full way to curing the delamination issue that we have seen. That is good from many points of view, as it means teams will be working with the same tyre they started the year with. But it is probably not good for some teams that are struggling with the front tyre.”


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