Mercedes Initiate Kubica Rescue

Following a life threatening accident in 2011, Robert Kubica has experienced a pain staking process on his road to recovery. While a return to Formula One has seemed unlikely, Mercedes have announced their desire to facilitate Kubica’s return to the sport in the future. Toto Wolff suggests that the team would love to “help” the Polish star, whose past successes include his victory in the 2008 Canadian Grand Prix.

Just prior to the start of the 2011 season, Robert Kubica competed in the Andorra Rally. It was during one of the stages where the Pole suffered a severe accident where his car became impaled on the armco barrier. Kubica suffered a partially severed forearm and did not compete in any form of Motorsport again until September last year. Now he has set his sights back on Formula One.His return to Motorsport was a successful one, as he claimed victory in the Ronde Gomitolo Di Lana, driving a WRC specification car. His recent achievements suggest that he still has the capabilities to impress against high level competition. However, the limited movement in his right arm could prove to be a significant issue in a Formula One cockpit. Consequently, Kubica needs to complete further recovery before he will be deemed safe to return.
While there are huge question marks over Kubica’s fitness, Mercedes Executive Director, Toto Wolff, can confirm that the Pole performed excellently during a recent stint in the Mercedes simulator. Wolff stated, “If there’s any chance of getting him back in a DTM touring car or F1 cockpit, we’d love to do it. Any team would love to have a Robert Kubica.”
Currently, Kubica is performing impressively in the European Rally Championship and Wolff has admitted that it is a fine balancing act for Kubica who will need to juggle his commitments. “He is somebody I have known for 10 years but it’s absolutely his call how he wants to help us and his main focus is rallying,” Wolff said. “This is where he wants to be successful and what he wants to do in the future.”
If Kubica was deemed fit to return to Formula One, Mercedes have been the first team to declare their interest. However, Their recent appointment of Lewis Hamilton will place Nico Rosberg in the danger seat. However, it seems that Kubica is more likely to remain in the European Rally Championship as oppose to taking a seat in Formula One. It is undoubtedly the easier option for him and possibly could lead to a prosperous future littered with success.


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