Fernley Praises In Form Paul

Force India Deputy Team Principal, Bob Fernley, has emphasized the grandeur of Paul Di Resta’s recent performances, suggesting that the understated Scot would be able to claim a World Drivers Championship. Moreover, he has suggested that Paul could already have his first title, had he been driving a Red Bull.

Force India have impressed so far this season, exploding into life in Australia with a double points finish. With McLaren struggling, the team have sensed an opportunity, seizing the initiative and currently a fifth place in the constructors championship. Moreover, Paul Di Resta’s stunning drive to P4 in Bahrain has stolen all the headlines.
During an interview with Sky Sports News, Bob Fernley reiterated his delight with how the season has begun, as well as the undoubted ability of young driver, Paul Di Resta. When asked whether Paul would be a World Champion already, had he been driving a Red Bull, Fernley announced, “Absolutely, there is no reason why he and a number of others would not have as well, but certainly Paul could.”
He continued, stating, “Probably at least 50% of the drivers on the grid today, given the right car and package, would be a World Champion, because they are some quality drivers.”  This is certainly a bold statement, considering the commonplace criticism that Formula One fails to showcase the best drivers for their talents. However, the reality is that the Deputy Team Principal is probably correct.
Undoubtedly, Di Resta experienced a disappointing winter, watching the seat’s at Mercedes and McLaren disappear; all fantastic opportunities for Paul to better his standing. However, he still has a determined attitude to succeed with his team, who accept that Paul’s career at Force India may end abruptly when a larger team request his services.
Fernley hopes that the team can progress from what is an excellent starting position. He stated, “It is the perfect scenario for us. The idea of bringing ahead Adrian in was that it would be as seamless as possible as to what had been happening between Paul and Nico and Paul and Adrian. In 2011 when Paul and Adrian were fighting each other, it was equally close, but what we wanted to do was keep the pressure on Paul actually because each driver needs to be performing at their limit. They need to give us quite a tough time and we have to set it up that they are having a tough time.” Paul seems to be benefiting from the pressure which Sutil applies. He has the measure of the German so far, yet Adrian could always return to form quickly. It cannot be understated that Sutil’s last few races have been heavily effected by circumstances out of his control. It will be an intriguing battle, which will continue throughout the season.


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